Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Actuality Novelette Cover Reveal

Actuality is a Novelette- #1.5 in the Sage Hannigan Time Warper Series

by Peggy Martinez

Release date will be March 2013


Being a vampire had its perks and living for hundreds of years was one of them. Soren had never really paid attention to the passage of time all that much, that is, until he had met a fiery red headed Time Warper back in 1904. Sage Hannigan had warped into their midst from the year 2004 and taken his heart with her when she suddenly disappeared again back to her own time. He had spent the last hundred years counting down the days until he could see her again, but now that the time has come, he has to stay away from her for her own safety. How long will he be able to watch her from a distance without going insane? Without being able to reach out and try help heal the gaping wounds she so obviously carried around within her soul? And would she even want him once everyone’s secrets were exposed?


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