Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Relapse Cover Reveal and Blog Hop!!!

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Relapse is Book 2 in the Reborn Series by S.L. Stacy

You can read my review of Reborn HERE


Jasper might be gone for good, but Siobhan can’t escape the memory of him.

Or, rather, Psyche’s memories of him—memories of a kinder, gentler man, not the one who lied and manipulated her. She should have tried harder to reach him—to save Jasper from the darkness consuming him. Guilt—maybe that’s the reason why she still sees his face everywhere she turns. That, or she’s going crazy.

And Siobhan really doesn’t have time to lose her mind. Her best friend is in love with their enemy and is addicted to an alien drug. The Alpha Rhos blame her sorority for their sister’s death and take their quest for vengeance too far. Desperate, the Gamma Lambda Phis call on the help of the most deceitful Olympian of all, making her a promise they’re not even sure they can keep.

Once again, Siobhan finds herself not knowing who she can turn to or who she can trust. She comes to realize that her greatest enemy is the darkness within herself.

Fun Fact #11: S.L. Stacy has three more books planned for the Reborn series (at least, lol). The third book will focus on Anna, who you probably remember as Siobhan's estranged friend in Reborn.

Release Date: December 2, 2014

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