Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: The Last Degree by Dina Rae, Orangeberry Tours

SUMMARY (Amazon)

The Last Degree is a fictionalized account of how Freemasons and other secret societies set up the world for takeover. Ancient writings foretell a ‘Shining One’ who emerges as the world’s prophet. A murder of a Most Worshipful mason resembles a secret oath. A cop gets too close to solving the crime. Paranoid preppers go underground, preparing for war.

Headlines such as the Norway massacre, meltdown of the European Union, unscrupulous media, animal die-offs, Middle Eastern unrest, and U.S. shrinking power make the plot relevant to present day. This book is an ode to Christians, Birthers, 2012ers, Truthers, preppers, and/or other conspiracy junkies who enjoy Dan Brown, Jesse Ventura, Brad Meltzer, Alex Jones, Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. A sequel will soon be available.

I don't usually read these types of books, but I am glad that I read this one! It was full of twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire book.

While this is a work of fiction, you can just imagine some of the events happening in real life. Especially with the 'preppers' because there are shows that have proven they're out there!!

I really liked how completely chaotic (in a good day) this story could get. I loved the conspiracy theories and all the different POVs that are represented in this thrilling suspense novel. I plan on getting more into this genre of work, because it was really interesting!

This is a very captivating and unique story that needs to be read! You will be glad you did!



Loved it! Go read it right now!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson, Orangeberry Tour

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Nuclear Armageddon blasts through time itself, dragging people from different eras into a turning point in history. The year… 1746. Around Fort William, the Scottish Highlanders are in revolt and the Redcoats are coming… But this time they will face more than flintlocks and Claymores. Can history be changed, or is the future doomed to witness… The Last Sunset?

This book was a page turner from the beginning. Bob Atkinson paints a beautiful picture of a country we don't often think about that much in an era that seems so forgotten.

This is a fast paced, very action packed novel and it will keep you in suspense the whole time you read it. I did get a little confused during some parts but then again, I've never claimed to be a history buff! Just pay close attention to details that way you won't end up re-reading pages.

And best yet, Bob throws in a little romance on top of everything else!

This story is unique and powerful and you will spend the rest of the day thinking about it once you close the back cover!




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Mondays With My Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Adrift in the Sound by Kate Campbell, Orangeberry Book Tour Stop

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Seattle street artist Lizette Karlson tries to pull herself together in 1973 and turns to the Franklin Street Dogs for help. This low-life softball team is a horrifying choice for a fragile spirit like Lizette, who's only trying to stay warm and make it through another rainy night.

The Dogs don't realize that while she's beautiful, talented, and a bit off-kilter—she's also cunning and very dangerous. Lizette wants to hook up with top-Dog, Rocket. He's fixed on next-door neighbor Sandy Shore, the little snake dancer who strips for soldiers coming home at the end of the Vietnam War. Everybody sleeps with everybody—whatever gets you through the night. It's a sexual free-for-all until Sandy turns up pregnant and the scene goes haywire.

After witnessing a murder and getting kicked out by the Dogs, Lizette is on the run again, crisscrossing Puget Sound. She hides out on Orcas Island and paints in a secluded cabin owned by her childhood friend Marian, a gifted midwife who recently inherited her family's ranch.

On the island, Lizette works with Lummi tribal leaders Poland and Abaya, who stick to their cultural values, guard their family secrets and offer her unconditional love. Along the way, Lizette sorts out crippling secrets in her own past, unwittingly makes a splash in the New York art world—and finds the only thing that really matters.

This debut novel by Kate Campbell has it all; love, murder, suspense and sex, drugs and rock n roll. It's a crazy mix of all kinds of chaos and in the end you close the book satisfied with a good dramatic story.

This book is recommended for older audiences. Teens should definitely not read this in my opinion! It's a little risque but we did go back in time to a very different period. I liked the characters especially Lizette. You really root for her throughout the whole story.

I've read so many futuristic novels, that reading this was a fresh change of pace. I wasn't a kid of the 70's, but I like reading about that setting. Kate gives a gritty and raw tale of a girl who is just trying to make it in the real world.




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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review: Angel by Laura Lee, Orangeberry Book Tour Stop

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Since the loss of his lively, charming wife to cancer six years ago, minister Paul Tobit has been operating on autopilot, performing his religious duties by rote. Everything changes the day he enters the church lobby and encounters a radiant, luminous being lit from behind, breathtakingly beautiful and glowing with life. An angel. For a moment Paul is so moved by his vision that he is tempted to fall on his knees and pray.

Even after he regains his focus and realizes he simply met a flesh-and-blood young man, Paul cannot shake his sense of awe and wonder. He feels an instant and overwhelming attraction for the young man, which puzzles him even as it fills his thoughts and fires his feelings. Paul has no doubt that God has spoken to him through this vision, and Paul must determine what God is calling him to do.

Thus begins a journey that will inspire Paul's ministry but put him at odds with his church as he is forced to examine his deeply held beliefs and assumptions about himself, his community, and the nature of love.

This is one of the most intense books I've read in awhile. This is not an average love story in the least bit and just a warning, if you are not a fan of reading LGBT then I won't recommend this to you.

If you aren't bothered by that subject then you will love Laura Lee's tale of a man who is just trying to find who he is and deal with an expectant love and sticking by his faith.

Paul was a lovely character and very in depth and REAL. I love real characters, those who you feel may easily be someone you know in every day life. His faith is so important to him, and I love that in this book. But he is also dealing with feelings of the flesh which are confusing and new to him. It's such a complicated story that is truly one of a kind.




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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: Pretty Girls Don't Cry by Tony J Winn

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Afternoon radio show host Nora Scott has always considered herself an ugly duckling, and the prosthetic foot she wears on her right leg isn't helping.

When she's on the air, as a faceless voice, she's Eugene, Oregon's favorite personality. Off the air, she's ... not so great, hiding her face and failing to connect with a guy for more than one night.

Now she's being pursued by two men, a work friend who wants to be more than friends, and the guy she loved when she was fourteen, before the accident.

Nora must figure out what she really wants, as well as how much she can forgive.

Pretty Girls was an easy read, (it only took me a few days) but it was also a superficial easy story line too. I prefer things that are more in depth and have more of an interesting story line. I just felt like this was lacking in some major areas.

I don't doubt Tony's ability to write, I just think that this book didn't have enough 'filling' to keep anyone that interested in what was going on. Most of it was inner dialogue and the main character rambling about her insecurities and her love life. Nora got on my nerves through most of the story to be honest. I wouldn't recommend this because it just isn't a story worth reading.



Couldn't really get into it :(

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Bright Star by Nickie Anderson

SUMMARY (Amazon)

It's bad enough that Sadira Pascal's father doesn't make it home to celebrate her fifteenth birthday. He might be a busy hovership engineer pulling overtime on a new design, but he's always been home for the important things. It's worse when she discovers her father decided to ride on the maiden voyage of his newest ship, the CAS Bright Star, without even telling her. But things really fall apart during Sadira's field trip with her class to observe the hovership launch. Instead of a successful flight, she watches the Bright Star fall out of the sky.

The Central government confirms her father's death, leaving Sadira to pick up the pieces of her former life. While she struggles with her loss, Private Baruj Haddad tries to convince her that her father and the rest of the Bright Star crew are still alive. At first, Sadira doesn't believe there's any hope. But then she stumbles across a message that makes her think maybe, just maybe, her father is still alive. As she digs deeper into the Bright Star's crash, Sadira uncovers secrets about her father's work, secrets that put her and everyone she loves in danger.

Bright Star captured my interest from the first page and kept me enthralled all the way to the stunning ending. Nickie Anderson paints a wonderfully unique sci fi dystopian suspense novel that is fast paced and exciting!

The characters from Sadira to Baruj to Mr. Pascal are in depth and real. We see a remarkable young woman who is brave but also still very much a child in some ways in Sadira. She is a wonderful leading lady and does quite a bit of growing in the book.

I liked that Bright Star took place in the setting that it did. It was also neat to have all these futuristic gadgets and ships. It all makes this story more unique and interesting to where the reader wants more. Nickie keeps things simple in an elegant way and I look forward to more of her works!



Loved it! Go read it right now!

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You can buy Bright Star here: AMAZON, B&N, SMASHWORDS

**I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Author Interview: Nickie Anderson

Nickie Anderson has her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, which she's put to good use by writing, reading, and tutoring. She loves cooking (because the cook gets dibs on the food!) as well as jogging and biking (because she has to make up for all of the eating!)

She lives in North Carolina with her husband, where they perpetually renovate their home.

Hi Nickie and welcome to Book Worm Brandy!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was raised a military brat. My dad was in the Marines, so we moved all over the country. I mostly grew up in Central Florida, which is more orange groves and cow pastures than Mickey Mouse.

When I hit college, I had no idea what I wanted to study. I ended up getting my degrees in Marketing and Computer Science (because they're so related, obviously!).

I now live in North Carolina with my husband. When I'm not writing, I'm either tutoring, reading, or working in the garden.

2. What inspired you to write Bright Star?

I think everyone occasionally has those dreams that are so vivid and so real you can't shake them from your head.

This past March, I had one of those dreams. There was a young girl and boy watching a helicopter take off from a military base, and the helicopter crashed. The kids wanted to help the men on board the helicopter, but everyone else on the base forbid them to leave. I kept wondering why the adults wouldn't help, and what would those kids have to go through to find the victims of the crash.

The idea for 'Bright Star' sprouted from that dream. The helicopter became a spaceship (because spaceships are way cooler!), the protagonist became a bit older, but that same kernel is still there.

3. What is the perfect setting for you to do your writing?

Honestly, I'm happy to write anywhere I have a solid internet connection and a mug of coffee. I usually work at home, but sometimes I'll change it up and write at the local library.

4. What does the future hold for you in regards to other works?

I'm planning a few more stories in the 'Bright Star' series. Sadira's adventures aren't quite over yet :) The next book, 'Dark Skies', should be coming out in April 2013.

I usually alternate my novel writing with short stories. If I get frustrated with editing or trying to figure out a plot point, it's nice to take a break and work on something else. I think my next short story will be a 'Hansel and Gretel' retelling (and, of course, my short stories are always free).

I've also been kicking around an idea for a New Adult paranormal series, which you might see out early 2014.

5. Three things you would take for a trip into the desert?

Water, water, and more water! More seriously, I would bring water, a tarp, and a knife. I do a lot of camping and hiking, and I always bring a knife along with me. They're indispensable.

You can find Nickie Anderson here: WEBSITE

Thanks so much Nickie for the interview! I wish you nothing but success!! You are a very gifted writer!!

Come back tomorrow for my review on Bright Star!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Uncertainty (Gravity #2) by Abigail Boyd

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Last year, Ariel Donovan's life was shattered. She lost a friend, a love, and her sight into the afterlife. She's only beginning to move on, facing a summer without school as a distraction. Then she dreams of the mysterious Dexter Orphanage again, the place where all the trouble began. She decides to follow through on her dream, and her discovery turns her life upside down, for the second time.

With the unlikely return of an old ally, Ariel begins to unravel the web of deception in the small town of Hell. She learns that her grandmother may have seen what she saw, and finally discovers the trail to the truth about what happened to her best friend Jenna. When Henry Rhodes comes back into her life unexpectedly, she realizes that she just might need his help to stay sane. Because the ghosts are real.

This is the second installment of the Gravity series. (Read my review of the first one: HERE ). Abigail Boyd took a great concept and spun it into an extraordinary tale of a girl who pushes through no matter how many obstacles get in her way.

In Uncertainty, Abigail answers a lot of questions that readers may have had in the first one. Without revealing everything, she satisfies the reader’s curiosity until the rest of the series comes out ( the 3rd and 4th books come out THIS MONTH!!!) This was a great sequel to the first one and I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter.

Uncertainty, like Gravity, was fast paced and interesting the whole entire book. Ariel became stronger in this book in my opinion and Henry kind of ticked me off, but hey he is a teenage boy so I guess I can cut him some slack! The characters were once again amazingly detailed and complex. I love that in a book, I don’t like shallow characters that have no depth or charisma.



Loved it! Go read it right now!

You can find Abigail here: WEBSITE

You can buy Uncertainty here: AMAZON

**I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

Monday, November 12, 2012

Author Interview: Abigail Boyd

Abigail Boyd began writing stories as a kid on dark and stormy nights. She was born and still lives in Michigan with her husband and the haunting cries of three rambunctious children. Her influences include Stephen King, Veronica Mars, and lots of processed sugar. She wishes that time had a pause button.

Hi Abigail and welcome to Book Worm Brandy!


1. Who is your favorite character in the Gravity series?

Theo is my favorite, with Alex as a very close second. They are both very fun to write, especially their dialogue. A lot about Ariel is based on me, many of the situations she goes through and quirks she has are from my own life, although she's much braver than I am. I love horror movies and ghost stories like she does. I was the one with the gum on my pants, too, unfortunately.

2. What are your five favorite books of all time?

The Shining by Stephen King, A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess, It (also) by Stephen King, and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I like really long books with thick paragraphs, although I write in a different style.

3. If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

I have no idea! I never had a reliable back up plan. I've wanted to be a writer since I was little, and I didn't realize that I already was one because I was writing all the time. I would like to do something in health care someday, though. For a little while, I wanted to be an entomologist because I think insects are fascinating. Weird, I know.

4. What was your very first story you ever wrote about?

The first story I ever wrote was about detective cats. I was in the second grade, and I already loved mysteries. I worked on it for months and I remember actually finishing it, but I have no idea what happened to it.

5. What does the future hold for you in regards to other works?

I have another book lined up, an urban fantasy romance, that's going to be coming out next year. I also have ideas for a couple of series that I'm playing around with; I like having two projects going at the same time so I don't get stuck on one.

6. Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal?? : )

I used to, when I was younger. My mom and I lived at my grandparents' house. They had these really spooky paintings, portraits of women from the 1800s, in bonnets and black dresses, in their living room. Their eyes followed me wherever I went. There was a little boy who used to live in the house, before my grandparents bought it, and sometimes I thought I heard his voice or thought I felt someone there. I still spook myself out sometimes, when I'm home alone and hear a noise. My brain instantly screams ghost.

You can find Abigail here: WEBSITE

A BIG thank you to Abigail for your time!! Such an amazing and down to earth gal!

Please come back tomorrow to read my review on Uncertainty, (Gravity Series #2)!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What's Coming Up....

Author Interview with Abigail Boyd (Gravity Series)

Uncertainty Review

Author Interview with N. Anderson (Bright Star)

Bright Star Review

Pretty Girls Don't Cry by Tony Winn

I will be taking a break from blogging to spend time with my family and prepare to host our first ever Thanksgiving dinner at our house! Fun times!! My birthday also falls the day before Turkey Day this year so that's pretty exciting :)

I've signed up for a few tours as well and I am excited to start reading the books for those. Remember if you want a review done on your book, email me!! It is always exciting to meet new talented authors and it's an honor that they entrust their piece of art with me!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Proximity by M.A. George

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Dr. Palta Capal would be a typical American career woman…if only she were human.

She has found her calling in this world as a physician. It’s an ideal outlet for her compassionate spirit...and unearthly healing powers.

Palta may spend her nights rereading Jane Austen novels, but she deliberately avoids pursuing her own love story. Human men—attractive as they may be—inevitably grow old and wither, leaving her to grieve in solitude. Frankly, no one has seemed worth the torment.

Enter Eric Moran, the intensely attractive and enigmatic new coworker on the scene. With his quiet confidence and warm smile, he manages to draw Palta’s attention. Little does she know that he, too, holds a secret…one that will propel them both into an escalating collision of two worlds.

This is M.A. George’s debut novel and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every page! It is a fast paced, unique love story that mixes in equal parts of romance, paranormal and suspense. I read through this one pretty fast and was sad to see the story end!

I really thought it was refreshing how M.A. spun a very unique storyline and the romance was awesome, I’ve always loved romance books! And it's not one of those mushy love stories, it has adventure and some action to go along with it as well! There's not a boring part in it!

I think this would fall more along the YA genre, but adults will find themselves rooting for Palta as well. The characters were very detailed and developed and Palta is an amazing chick (even if she is an alien!!)

There will be more of Palta and Eric’s story and I really can’t wait. I think she has a bright future in store for her! If you are looking for an easy-to-read weekend book, grab this ASAP!



Loved it! Go read it right now!

You can find M.A. here: WEBSITE

You can buy Proximity here: AMAZON **I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.**