Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: The Last Degree by Dina Rae, Orangeberry Tours

SUMMARY (Amazon)

The Last Degree is a fictionalized account of how Freemasons and other secret societies set up the world for takeover. Ancient writings foretell a ‘Shining One’ who emerges as the world’s prophet. A murder of a Most Worshipful mason resembles a secret oath. A cop gets too close to solving the crime. Paranoid preppers go underground, preparing for war.

Headlines such as the Norway massacre, meltdown of the European Union, unscrupulous media, animal die-offs, Middle Eastern unrest, and U.S. shrinking power make the plot relevant to present day. This book is an ode to Christians, Birthers, 2012ers, Truthers, preppers, and/or other conspiracy junkies who enjoy Dan Brown, Jesse Ventura, Brad Meltzer, Alex Jones, Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. A sequel will soon be available.

I don't usually read these types of books, but I am glad that I read this one! It was full of twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire book.

While this is a work of fiction, you can just imagine some of the events happening in real life. Especially with the 'preppers' because there are shows that have proven they're out there!!

I really liked how completely chaotic (in a good day) this story could get. I loved the conspiracy theories and all the different POVs that are represented in this thrilling suspense novel. I plan on getting more into this genre of work, because it was really interesting!

This is a very captivating and unique story that needs to be read! You will be glad you did!



Loved it! Go read it right now!

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  1. Hi Brandy-I'm so glad that you liked my novel! I also watch Doomsday Preppers-liked how you made that connection!

    Today and tomorrow the prequel/short story to The Last Degree is free. It's called Be Paranoid Be Prepared
    Again, thanks for taking the time to read and post my novel! Dina Rae

  2. You are very welcome, it was amazing!! And I love freebies, so thank you for the link!! I look forward to your other works, I'll be reviewing Bad JuJu soon!