Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: Pretty Girls Don't Cry by Tony J Winn

SUMMARY (Amazon)

Afternoon radio show host Nora Scott has always considered herself an ugly duckling, and the prosthetic foot she wears on her right leg isn't helping.

When she's on the air, as a faceless voice, she's Eugene, Oregon's favorite personality. Off the air, she's ... not so great, hiding her face and failing to connect with a guy for more than one night.

Now she's being pursued by two men, a work friend who wants to be more than friends, and the guy she loved when she was fourteen, before the accident.

Nora must figure out what she really wants, as well as how much she can forgive.

Pretty Girls was an easy read, (it only took me a few days) but it was also a superficial easy story line too. I prefer things that are more in depth and have more of an interesting story line. I just felt like this was lacking in some major areas.

I don't doubt Tony's ability to write, I just think that this book didn't have enough 'filling' to keep anyone that interested in what was going on. Most of it was inner dialogue and the main character rambling about her insecurities and her love life. Nora got on my nerves through most of the story to be honest. I wouldn't recommend this because it just isn't a story worth reading.



Couldn't really get into it :(

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