Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: Gravity (Gravity Series #1) by Abigail Boyd

SUMMARY (Amazon)

One night in the town of Hell, Ariel's best friend goes missing. Those around her believe Jenna ran away, but when Ariel is tormented by nightmares and paranormal activity, she realizes Jenna's disappearance was part of a bigger mystery. Ariel's obsession with haunted houses and horror movies makes her the perfect detective.

But to complicate matters, a handsome newcomer named Henry Rhodes plagues her with unwanted attention. Though he doesn't believe in the supernatural events, she enlists his help and that of quirky nerd Theo. What is making the lights at school flicker? And why did Ariel dream of the old abandoned Dexter orphanage? When Ariel finally discovers the truth, it's much worse than she ever feared.

I love finding new books that rock! Gravity was such a cool, twisty-turny ride! Ariel is by far one of my favorite characters ever. I can sympathize with her being the 'dork' or 'uncool' kid, but she is very lovable and you can easily be empathetic with her and crud she's gotta go through.

This is a very fast paced book that you could very easily read in one setting. I couldn't put it down because everything was so interesting. Abigail has such an immense talent for storytelling, it just blows me away. Everything flowed smooth and logically and the chapters just glided together.

This is book one in a FOUR book series. I am almost done with the second one right now and the third and fourth come out this month so I'm pretty excited I don't have to wait forever for the rest. Abigail is a wonderful writer and gives us such a great story to dive into!



Loved it! Go read it right now!

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