Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: The Boots My Mother Gave Me by Brooklyn James

SUMMARY (Writer's website)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk through life in someone else's shoes?

Strong-willed tomboy Harley LeBeau puts you in the boots her mother gave her, as she takes you along her journey of escape from an abusive childhood and the desire to find herself as she comes of age. Made to feel a burden to her father simply by her gender, Harley is determined to prove her worth and independence, leaving the small town she grew up in and the one boy who gave her a soft place to fall, Jeremiah Johnson. Torn between saving herself and abandoning her mother and younger sister, Harley chooses her own life in hopes they will choose theirs, too.

Brooklyn blew me away with this gritty story of abuse, loss, love, dysfunction and strength. This story, while I found it a little on the long side, really took a hold of me. Brooklyn did not shy away from the really tough subjects like family violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy and being selfish in order to really live life.

This story was a nice change from all the Sci FI, paranormal stuff I've been reading. I like reading about real life. And I love that the main character is such a strong willed female! Harley Le Beau could easily be one of my best friends in real life, I loved her that much.

Now if you are sensitive to the issue of family violence, this book is not for you. This problem is the main core of Harley's life and her family's. It is sad and gut wrenching to read those parts of the book, but you have to in order to realize how very strong Harley really is.

You really fall in love with all the characters (well except the abusive dad and the sister's slimy boyfriend/baby daddy). Harley, her mother, her sister Kat and niece Megan and finally her one true love Jeremiah. Brooklyn makes all her characters easy to relate to and true to life. You aren't getting some crazy unbelievable heroine, you're getting a realistic version of a girl that any of us can relate to on some level.



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