Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Enemy Lines by Juliette Michaels Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt

Enemy Lines

Book Synopsis:

Enemy Lines is the story of Rebel Leader Rachel Lawton and Sovereignty Agent Noah Connor struggling to survive in a dystopian America. Rachel is being set up for a traitor's fall while Noah has been sent in to assure her assassination. Can Rachel stop Noah from trading intelligence that will affect thousands of lives? When Noah starts to fall in love, will he go through with the assassination or put other lives at risk by letting Rachel live?

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Book Genre

Adult Romance/Dystopian/Sci-fi/Fantasy

Author Bio

Juliette Michaels is a New Adult and Adult Romance writer ( She writes YA under the pen A.J.M. Mousseau.) In my profile picture I am on the left in the orange skirt. I was born in San Diego and have lived all over the U.S. including New York, Hawaii, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Montana, Arizona, and Washington state. I am a university student studying Modern Literature and Creative Writing.

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This story was different from what I usually read, but different can be good, just like it was in this case! Enemy Lines is a quick moving, action packed with some romance thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed it and I really liked Rachel and I loved the chemistry between Rachel and Noah. I like the military POV in this dystopian novel, it was a change and almost like I was on the inside looking out.

Enemy Lines is a great novel and if you're tired of reading about fluffy romances, and want something a little more gritty with some awesome action scenes, I would definitely recommend this! You won't be disappointed!





Connor knew Lawton was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen or known. She thought and fought like a warrior, played with children, said whatever the hell she felt, and was just as stunning when she was angry and full of fury as she was when she was laughing. Oh, and her body… but he knew if he ever attempted to reach out and touch her, she would flutter away on the wind like a butterfly.

“Let’s play truth or dare.”

Connor almost choked on his drink. “Okay,”

“Full disclosure, Connor.” She warned.

“What does that mean in the game?”

“It means whatever is asked has to be answered truthfully – no holds barred. And anything we are dared to do – we have to do.”

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  1. Brandy, I'm so happy you enjoyed Enemy Lines! Thanks so much for that awesome review and for posting!You have a fantastic book blog - that I am now following ;)
    Happy Reading,
    Juliette Michaels